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2010 Coat Exchange Info

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Eugene, Orgeon – report pending

Kentucky:  800

Rhode Island – 1600

Salt Lake City:  500

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Bring a coat, take a coat: If you need a coat, come get one. If you have a coat, we know someone who can use it.

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~ since 2006 ~

A community event inspired by people across the nation who want to effect a change in our world.

Annual Community Coat Exchange – Every year the day after thanksgiving (Click on the tabs above for more information.)

2010 Community Coat Exchange

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Friday, Novemeber 26, 2010(day after Thanksgiving)

10am – 1pm, Library Plaza

Downtown Salt Lake City Library

Needed: Sister events and drop off centers!  Contact us:

Bea Gaddy and My Wish

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Bea Gaddy doesn’t have anything to do directly with our Community Coat Exchange.  Bea Gaddy has everything to do with inspiring me to serve our community.

As a younger woman growing up in Frederick County, Maryland – about 50 miles west of Baltimore, I would watch with intrigue each Thanksgiving as the local news would air the piece about the huge Thanksgiving Feast organized by this amazing woman – Bea Gaddy. ( I have linked to her story and other sites below.)

Each year I would continue to be inspired by the stories published about Bea Gaddy and her efforts.  I would think to myself “I want to be like her when I grow up.”

Several years ago I learned about a community event in Rhode Island held every year the day after Thanksgiving – the Buy Nothing Day Coat Exchange (click on the “Sister Events” tab above).  Inspired by it, I organized Utah’s Annual Community Coat Exhange held each year the same day, the day after Thanksgiving.  Each year of its existence I see that our Utah event is growing by leaps and bounds.  It is amazing to me the outpouring of support by people from all over for this effort.

And now the Coat Exchange this year has gone coast to coast – with events in Kentucky and Oregon, in addition to the Rhode Island and Utah events.

As I have been reflecting on this event,  I have come to realize, on a small scale and relevant to my world, that my wish has come true, thanks to everyone in my life who has influenced me – my amazing and wonderful husband, my parents, my grandmother, my siblings, my children, my wonderful friends, and others in the world who have inspired and influenced me….

I have grown up to be like Bea Gaddy.

My desire now is to continue to grow and serve our community in ways that all people will benefit from educational efforts such as the Community Coat Exchange.


Bea Gaddy Places:

Bea Gaddy Bio

Bea Gaddy Family Support Center

Bea Gaddy Women and Children’s Shelter

2009 Community Coat Exchange

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Downtown Salt Lake City Library Plaza-200 East 400 South, 10am-2pm, Friday after Thanksgiving (November 27, 2009)

If you need a coat, please come get one.

If you have a coat, we know people who can use them.

We collected about 400 coats and gave away approximately 350.

This year we had five drop off centers!  Thank you to our community partners and all our volunteers for participating in this annual event!

2008 Coat Exchange

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Collected:  Approximately 700 coats and assorted other warm weather items (blankets, hats, gloves, etc.)

Given away:  Approximately 600 coats and assorted other warm weather items

Channels 2 and 4 came out to cover the event (so far no posts have been found on their websites).

See photos of the 2008 event here.

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